Nifi configuration for latest cogstack

I’m bringing an old email thread across to discourse.

I’m struggling to get the nifi component up on a simple standalone test configuration (i.e. a personal laptop with admin rights).

I’ve found that I need to change the ownership of CogStack-NiFi/nifi to 1000:1000, due to the way volumes are used and the internal setup of the nifi container.

After doing that I can access the nifi page at localhost:8443/nifi, after warnings about certificates.

I’ve attempted to update the certificates as per General info — CogStack-Nifi latest documentation , without success.

To do so I updated to fetch version 1.18, changed

as the leading / caused an error
and removed the final mv command. I then transcribed the keystorePasswd and truststorePasswd into nifi/conf/

However I now see the container continually restart with

2022-10-11 04:08:33,474 WARN [main] Some truststore properties are populated (./conf/truststore.jks, ********, JKS) but not valid
2022-10-11 04:08:33,477 WARN [main] org.apache.nifi.web.server.JettyServer Failed to start web server... shutting down.

So what am I missing here?


I think I found it:

chown 1000:1000 -R security/nifi_certificates

seems to have fixed it