Welcome to Discourse

This is an Open Source Project so please be mindful that like in any other project of this kind there is no obligation to answer all requests for help.

However, we want to encourage you to ask for help whenever you think it’s needed! We are happy about every question we get because it allows us to better understand your needs, possible misunderstandings, and most importantly a way for you to help us make this library better. That being said, this document’s main purpose is to provide guidelines at how you can formulate your requests to increase your chances to be understood and to get support.

There are two main venues to receive support: the forums and the GitHub issues .

GitHub issues

If you are sure something is a bug, please open an issue and we will handle it.

This forum:

If you want to start a general discussion, are not sure should you open an issue or just want to request a feature or ask how something is done, this forum is for that.