CogStack x OpenEMR x Flow Blockchain

Hello everyone, my name is Arun and I am a pharmacist based in UK :slight_smile:

I first heard of CogStack during SNOMED conference in London (Prof James Teo presentation) and I have the crazy idea of enabling NFT (for patient record) using the Flow Blockchain

I would like to give it a shot via the Flow Hackathon that will start from the 15th June till 16th July - Flow Hackathon Season 2 | Flow to the Future

I can have up to 5 members in my team including myself, my team name is OpenDMR (Open Decentralised Medical Record)

I would like to know if someone from the developing team would be keen to give it a shot?

Hi Arun,

This sounds interesting. Would you be able to share some more information on what you have in mind? Looks like Flow is primarily designed with NFTs and gaming in mind but will awesome to see some healthcare use cases - even if only for logistics rather than direct care. Will also be interested in hearing how you envision combining NLP into this paradigm.

This also requires learning a new programming language…a steep hill to climb in 15 days. But, moonshots are the awesomest of all shots. :slight_smile:

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Hi Vishnu,

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

The main focus would be the ability for the patient to carry their healthcare data as NFT (more specifically the composability feature - Composability Chronicles #1: How to build your Flow NFT for composability | Flow Developer Portal) where any entries made by the primary care sector are saved on the flow blockchain.

Think of it as a decentralised version of EMIS and SystmOne (DApp) and the programming language is Cadence ( )

There is also a no code version for Cadence with Niftory - Create a DApp with Niftory | Course | Emerald Academy

Regarding the NLP part, from what I recall from Prof James Teo, it could be a case of a HCP writing unstructured consultation notes and have CogStack structure it with the relevant SNOMED codes :slight_smile:

This is my email address to arrange a video call to discuss it further :slight_smile:

Good luck!!! :smiley:

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