Cogstack Maintained version and new samples

The version of CogStack that is developed and maintained is NiFi (GitHub - CogStack/CogStack-NiFi: Building data processing pipelines for documents processing with NLP using Apache NiFi and related services), the older pipeline being deprecated.

There are not many examples of scripts available at the moment, what would you mostly like to see implemented as a sample workflow ?

I’m assuming that by “workflow” you mean how a CogStack deployment would ingest data? Rather than how a user would use CogStack to complete their project (doctors, data analysts etc).

I would like to see clear links to in the homepage readme files to any documentation. This documentation should include a break down of all the services CogStack NiFi provides, and instructions on how to ingest documents. A break down of instructions for ingesting multiple different formats would be nice. PDFs, relational DB, CSVs, .txt files, JSON etc. Thanks!