Samples-db tables and Cogstack-db tables

Hello, when I run the command make-start-data-infra i see the cogstack-databank tables but not the samples-db in my postgresql database. Can someone explain me why?. I made the connection by putting the right data but apparently it doesn’t connect to Samples-db.

Hello Cindy,

If the containers are online and there’s no data it is likely the case that you didn’t pull all the repo data, we store most large files (this includes SQL files) used for the samples using git LFS.

Try executing git-lfs pull ( mentioned in the prerequisites section Prequisites — CogStack-Nifi latest documentation), delete the cogstack-samples-db container and deploy_samples-vol volume and try again afterwards.

Let me know if this worked.

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Hello vladd,
thank you for your answer, git-lfs pull did not work it gave me an error : Git can’t resolve ref: “HEAD”. I had to do the pull from Github desktop and now i see all the table thank you.