Medcat 1.7.0 trained on documents, or sentences (short documents)

Is Medcat1.7.0 trained on sentences, or on multi-sentence documents, i.e. documents greater than 100 characters.


I am not fully sure what you mean by your question. The 1.7.0 release of medcat is not a trained model (nor does it contain one), but a package that provides the means and tools for training and using of a medCAT model.

The models we have publicly available are listed in the README:

None of these have actually been trained on medcat v1.7.0 (though should be mostly compatible with it).
All the models trained on MIMIC-III were certainly trained on documents mostly bigger than 100 characters. And Iā€™m pretty sure many of the Dutch wikipedia would also have documents that are larger than 100 characters (referring to the Dutch UMLS model).

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