MedCAT Large CDB Upload Failure

Hi, I’m trying to upload a previously trained MedCAT CDB file, that has the unsupervised pretrained embeddings from a large amount of text through the Django website. Unfortunately, I’m not able to upload the large file and I keep getting an timeout error due the file size. Please advise on if there’s another way of uploading a CDB file to the Django site. I believe it also needs to be indexed by solr, is that correct? Thank you!

Hi @vsocrates - this is for Trainer? the latest version 2.6.0, has increased the max size to 4gb for uploads

Hi, our CDB file was just over, so we used the API to upload with python requests and that worked fine! Thanks!

ah sorry - @vsocrates - I’ve bumped this to 10G now. Will be available in the next release.