MedCATtrainer changing cdb

So i’m using MedCATtrainer v2.3.3 and I am half way through an annotation project.
I have now exported the projects and trained a MedCAT model. (performs now quite well).

I was wondering if I can simply replace the existing cdb model with the new trained model? But before I do this I wanted to ask if this will disrupt anything? Especially if I have altered the cdb config file? or will I only see changes to unannotated documents?

Also will I have to re-import the concepts if there is no difference?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Michale_Angelo, you can replace the CDB with the new one that you have just trained. If you have altered the config file, this will affect new annotations but the old ones will stay as they are. No re-import of the concepts is necessary. The only thing you will have to do is once the model is replaced, you will have to restart your docker container - it has to offload the old model and load the new one, we do not have an automatic solution for that yet.

Amazing thanks!! Just tried it and everything works as it should

@zeljko @Michale_Angelo - as of v2.3.0 model cacheing is exposed on the main home screen to admins, so loading / unloading MedCAT models is possible without a container restart.

Not sure this is documented - I’ll check

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