Medecat Trainer Missing Annotations

Apologies if this is not the right board but there seems to be a very odd issue with Medcat Trainer (specifically the deployment in the SLAM Environment). It seems that after annotating a number of highlighted instances within documents in a dataset, highlights stop appearing in later documents (within the same dataset) and a new project needs to be created to see them.
In a possibly related issue, I’ve noticed that certain terms contained within a CDB are sometimes not highlighted. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about the cause of the issue?

Welcome @DaveC !!!

This is the right place to post such tech-related questions. Just not anything confidential to SLAM.

So I don’t know the exact version that you have but in the MCTtrainer config can the settings to the below:

If you change the cat.general.cui_count_limit to the one found shown here it will resolve it.

Also fell free to just update your MCTtrainer version. It shouldn’t interfere with your current workflows unless you are using MedCAT models <v1.0

Let me know if you need a walk through to update MCTtrainer

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Thanks! Could I ask what version of Medcattrainer I should use for the best level of stability?
Also could I ask if the issue simple prevents annotations from being highlighted, or could is cause existing annotations to be erased/ not be saved?

v2.3.7 seems to be quite stable. That is the one that I am currently using. There are still some minor bugs but it wont be noticeable for the majority of use cases.

The above was actually intended to be a feature… that stops displaying/highlighting high frequency labelled concepts after the model has been exposed to it enough times. Although this has been confusing to annotators and has now been dropped.