Trainer stops auto annotating concepts mid way through, even exact string matches

Several concepts that were previously identified and have many many true presence annotations in previous documents are no longer being automatically annotated in subsequent documents. Each one now requires add term>>lookup>>select correct. This is the case for several concepts, mostly those already in Snomed CT. Since word disorder terms too are no longer being annotated automatically. This has happened about 100 documents in. The machine has ram/ cpu overhead.
reimporting concepts, revalidating/resubmitting all documents, restarting the solr docker service has not worked. This is on a project started from scratch on v.2.5.3. It was working fine until now. Concepts also tagged no longer show any information in the summary except the text marked.
Toggling restrict lookup also had no effect.

Hi @Samora - thanks for pointing this out. I’ll take a look and get back to you - this has been reported a while ago before but could never reproduce