MedCat Trainer stops snapping to next annotation in window, (Very long document)


Document no longer moves to annotation location after several annotations down in a long document. This is when pressing right arrow key or the mouse button on the >> arrow. The summary annotated text shows the selected annotation changing though the summary information except for the text is empty.

is this still happening in the later 2.5.5 patch release?


Cloning the project and using the remaining documents again starts to have strange behaviour such as concepts no longer being annotated at all upon moving to a new document.

Taking the remaining un-annotated documents, creating a new project and uploading them. Then starting to annotate again appears to remove the problem. Perhaps the problem is related to the number of documents that have been annotated in a project already?

*This happened again at about 100 documents into the project.

This occurred using the patch released today which I believe is 2.5.5.