Submit annotations - cannot finalise submission

Using MedCATrainer v2.5.0
Browsers tested Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

After annotating a file and pressing the Submit button, the summary file is open but there is no option to confirm and complete the submit. I can close the summary file returning to the document page.

Also affected by the annotation summary bug mentioned in this thread MedCAT trainer GUI concept summary empty - #2 by elenaP

no longer an issue on v2.5.3

Hi Elena, welcome.

Great to have Southampton joining the community. Do link up if you want to explore sharing annotations or pretrained models.

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FYI - there’s a rendering bug v.2.5.x that I’m debugging now.

Also are you working with Matt Stammers and team by chance?

Thanks! Yes I am working with Matt :slight_smile:

Great stuff - I’ve fixed up this bug you reported in this thread. Please upgrade to 2.5.4 when you can.