MedCAT on Android?

I am working on a pre-hospital emergency care documentation app that takes free text to coded medical notes.

I was hoping to use MedCAT via Chaquopy or set up it up as a server on Termux but have so far been unsuccessful.

Does anyone have any ideas? This is a proof of concept app so limited functionality and limited accuracy are acceptable compromises.


  • An older version with fewer dependencies.
  • A Tensorflow model that I could adapt.
  • An alternative product that might be able to run on Android.


  • Train my own model using MIMIC IV.
  • Resort to a limited vocabulary and more prescribed range of inputs.

All help and suggestions appreciated!

Couldn’t you use an API call rather than trying to do this on-device?

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately not. I am looking at remote cases where connectivity is unlikely or not guaranteed.