Relcat or relation annotation models

Hi. Does the Relcat feature exist today. Can one create relation annotation models. The documentation talks about it as a ‘coming soon’ feature.

Hi @sangeetabose that is correct.

Glad that you are following the repository closely! However we have not released the training methodology/pipeline yet.
You may have noticed that you can annotate relationships on MCTrainer. This annotation task can be set via the following:

Task Description
Relations Select from the list of ‘Relation Annotation’ tasks that will appear for a given concept.

Do you have a particular use case in mind? The majority in my experience do not actually require relationship extraction.

Hi @anthony.shek

I was hoping to use relations for
1> key value pairs
Blood Pressure: 180/90 - (relation between Blood Pressure and ‘180/90’)
2> temporal statements
Patient underwent surgery in 2012 - (relation between surgery and 2012)

If I do not need to use relations for such extractions, could you please suggest ways to do this.

@sangeetabose This is a use case that requires relational extraction.

You can either:

  1. Create a window around a concepts and use REGEX to extract relevant patterns.
  2. Wait for the MedCAT tutorials to come out on relational extraction.

Thanks @anthony.shek

Any timelines on when i can expect the tutorials to get updated ?

There is no exact date unfortunately. There are other tutorials which are prioritised over this one. Deidentification, Large language models etc.