Cannot add another relation in MedCATTrainer

I am checking MedCAT’s entity annotations in MedCATTrainer and then manually adding relation meta-annotations. However after adding 16 relations, the relation tab is now “full”, and I cannot add a new relation as the new relation field appears at the bottom of the list and it is not possible to scroll down to see it. I have tried resizing the browser and scroll-wheel scroll (which does work on the note text area) but the area does not appear to scroll. Is this a de facto limit on the number of relations that can be added?

hi @rmmurphy - this looks like a bug. Should be a simple fix, I’ll let you know when it’s released

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Thanks @tomolopolis I appreciate it

Should be fixed now in the latest release 2.14.1. I’ve updated the docker compose scripts to point to this release

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Unfortunately upgrading to v2.14.1 did not fix this issue for us. Could it be that there is something else that I need to additionally do to implement the fix?