Additional hotkeys for the MedCat trainer (META annotations)

The current hotkeys work well for correct/incorrect, next document, next annotation. However when annotating for meta annotations we need to take our hands off the keyboard and onto the mouse to toggle the meta annotations.

Additional hotkeys to toggle the meta annotations would be very useful and drastically speed up annotation projects.


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Sure interested to explore this feature request.

Any preference on which hot keys and how you would like to use them at least across 3 multiple meta-annotations and meta tasks?

I suspect that this may not be easy to standardise across custom meta-tasks lot especially when each task can potentially have 5+ options.

I currently have my left hand over 1 and 2 and right hand on the arrow keys.

Maybe remap confirmation keys to WASD? or use 3, 4, 5…

You could have one key to scroll through/select a meta annotation and another key to toggle the selected annotations options.

That would be just 4 keys (1,2,3,4) for correct incorrect and an arbitrary number of meta annotations.


Agree - hot keys would be nice for meta-annotations. There are defaults that you can set for each MetaAnnotation task which should speed up things.

3,4,5 are already set for the other potential choices for each concept. See screenshot of the the help (question mark icon on the top right) brings up a lightbox / dialog:

I can add a task for adding tab indexes and using left right and enter to select, then esc to reset the tab index to -1 or something

So something I realised @tomolopolis

Users can use hotkeys even when (Terminate 3 and Irrelevant 5) are disabled from the project.
I have had an annotator use these keys accidentally throughout projects and this majorly affects any outputs.

Feature request: for not set options, disable respective hotkeys

Not sure - thats a feature request - but just a straight up :bug:.

Will add a ticket and get this fixed in the next release.

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have fixed this. Will be available in the next release - sometime next week

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this release is now available. default docker-compose.yml is also updated: MedCATtrainer/docker-compose.yml at master · CogStack/MedCATtrainer · GitHub